Dunstone Primary School

"Making every day count; growing and achieving together."


Playleaders are children appointed to get out the apparatus as well as help groups of children play together.  They wear bright yellow Playleader bibs so that the children know who they are.

At lunchtime equipment is available to use such as bats and balls, hoops, skittles, skipping ropes etc., as well as a parachute for organised group games.

Here are some of the comments made by the playleaders at Dunstone:

“In the corner of the playground there is a make a friend seat and anybody who is sitting there is probably lonely or upset. You can make friends by going up and asking what’s wrong and then ask if they would like to play. The Playleaders always keep an eye on the bench to see if anyone needs a friend”

“I like being a Play leader because I get to help people have fun, and we are allowed to go in the hall for our dinner first!”