Dunstone Primary School

"Making every day count; growing and achieving together."


At Dunstone we choose different Year 6 pupils each term to be school prefects because they have shown that they can set a good example to other children in the school.

The prefects carry out many different jobs including office duties during lunchtimes, helping in the dinner hall, monitoring the corridors and hall during assemblies, as well as sorting out the music and the projector.  The most important job that the prefects do is greeting visitors to our school during special assemblies and school visits.

The prefects can be identified by other pupils around the school as they wear a school tie in the same colours, but with much wider stripes.

The prefects for the Autumn Term 2017 will be announced when we return to school after the holidays.

We know that they will do an excellent job during the forthcoming term with all of the activities and events at our school.